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Trust the power of your smile

With more than 35 years of experience in smile makeover, in order to provide a service of the highest quality, committing ourselves to the dental health of our patients.

We care for the patient as though they are our own family.

We are certified by the Better Business Bureau as one of the companies with best practices and high standards in service.

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What is a Full Smile Makeover?

Patients who express the desire to completely change the appearance of their smile need more than just a touch-up. As the name suggests, a complete smile makeover involves performing multiple procedures to help patients achieve an improved appearance in a comprehensive manner.

We have our own laboratory, which allows us to carry out consultations and treatments on the same day, in addition to reducing the cost of your treatment by up to 30%.

At Nakeji Dental Group we offer:

When to make a Smile Makeover?


When your tooth is too big or too small for the size of your mouth.


When there is space between your teeth.


Short smile caused by swollen gums


When your teeth have slight or pronounced curvatures.


If you have lost teeth due to various situations


Stains caused by the consumption of certain foods, tobacco, etc.

Providing Expert Care

At Nakeji Dental we not only want to take care of the smile of all the members of your family, we also want to provide you with a 100% safe and clean space.

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    Within the smile design process, factors such as the health of the teeth and gums are taken into account, as well as the harmony between the teeth, lips and the entire face, so it is a personalized treatment with positive changes in the image. comprehensive of the patient.

    Among the benefits of the Smile Makeover we find that they are suitable treatments for men and women of all ages, since even older adults with tooth and bone loss can regain the aesthetics they long for, along with their chewing, speaking and comfort of smiling without any pain.

    We accept two insurances from the United States, MetLife and Aetna, as long as you have a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan.

    Yes, we have our own laboratory, in which all the necessary elements for dental treatments are manufactured, in this way we reduce the costs of your treatment.

    We are located in Tijuana, Mexico

    Dr. Sergio Palacios

    Dental surgeon

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