WHAT IS all on four?

An All on 4 Implants treatment is performed by placing 4 titaniumdental implants which will support a fixed denture by means of screwed attachments, the treatment must be performed by an implantologist specialist. Once the implants are placed the dentures are usually made of different materials described below:
Hybrid Prosthesis: it is a dental prosthesis made of acrylic with prefabricated resin teeth, usually with an internal structure of light metal to give greater support to the prosthesis.
Metal-Porcelain Prosthesis: it is a prosthesis of high aesthetics since it consists of a ceramic metal structure, covered with several layers of ceramic that manages to give a feeling of chewing and aesthetics very similar to a natural denture.
Zirconia prosthesis: it is a metal-free dental prosthesis, which provides great aesthetics and functionality, it is a last generation material that helps us to achieve very satisfactory results.

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Process for an All On Four

All on four is a treatment that provides patients with a prosthesis attached to the full arch, either upper, lower or both, even on the same day of surgery. It is an economical treatment because the procedure requires fewer implants compared to the traditional method. The All on four as the name explains, uses four dental implants for a complete rehabilitation, two of the dental implants are placed straight in the anterior part, while the remaining two are placed up to 45º in the back of the jaw.  

In this procedure, dental implants are specially designed to achieve the desired results.

In the All on Four technique it has an immediate function, which means that, at the same time as the surgery, it will provide results.

At Nakeji Dental, we provide all the commitment to ensure the success of the treatment and therefore, meet the needs of our patients, so a personalised study is made with the corresponding tests, both radiological, photographs and models to start with the treatment plan. Once the patient's case has been studied, the work is planned with our dental laboratory and a date is set for the procedure.

The process in our clinic begins with the surgical procedure. If required by the patient, the procedure can be performed under conscious dental sedation or the patient can be brought to a state of deep relaxation.  

Who can opt for an All on Four technique?

With this type of treatment, missing teeth are restored effectively, quickly and reliably. The main objective is to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, trying to use as few dental implants as possible.

Although this treatment is more focused on older adults who cannot enjoy their smile, it can be applied to younger people who need to opt for this technique.


  • It allows the complete rehabilitation of arches and its function is immediate.
  • It reduces time, as the prosthesis and dental implants are placed on the same day.
  • It is a quick and efficient process.
  • It is a cost-effective dental treatment.
  • Rapidly recovers functions such as speech, chewing and self-esteem.

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