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Learn different techniques on proper tooth brushing and learn more about the best practices for your oral hygiene.

Learn more about the correct use of your toothbrush!
Here are some recommendations from the doctors at Nakeji Dental. 

Learn more! About Gingivitis prevention and care measures. Our expert specialists provide you with the best recommendations to prevent this oral-dental disease.

Do you know how dental implants are made?
Our experts at Nakeji Dental tell you which implant is best suited to your situation - find out more here! 

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Are your teeth changing color? There are different factors why this happens.
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Our children also deserve healthy smiles.
Do you want your little one to start orthodontic treatment? Find out thanks to our experts, what is the right age for them to start having perfect smiles. 

Don't know which orthodontic treatment to have? Our experts tell you the differences between Brackets and Invisaling.
Both give excellent results

Our experts give you everything you need to know about Dental Implants in Tijuana.
Discover why Nakeji Dental is your best option.

Pain in your molars? Not sure whether or not to extract them? Our experts at Nakeji Family Dental tell you when is the right time and the whole recovery process. 

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