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Dental implants in Tijuana, are titanium metal elements very similar to a screw, which through surgery is placed in the patient's bone in order to replace one or more damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant is one of the best options available to a patient to recover a lost or damaged tooth. In the case of missing teeth, there is the possibility of placing multiple implants to rehabilitate the affected area and prevent further damage caused by the absence of teeth, such as bone loss and / or mobility of their intact pieces and further damage to them. Dental implants also provide an excellent opportunity for those patients tired of their dentures, since by placing 4 to 6 dental implants per arch, your dentures can be kept fixed in your mouth without the need of the annoying rubber bands and leaving your palate uncovered. 

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Types of dental implants:

All on Four: The All on 4 Implants treatment in Tijuana is performed by placing 4 titanium implants which will support a fixed denture by means of screwed attachments, the treatment must be performed by an implantologist specialist.

All on Six: All on Six implants treatment in Tijuana creates a permanent prosthesis by using six or eight dental implants that act as an anchor for a cemented bridge prosthesis. Six or eight dental implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw to permanently anchor the teeth.

Preparation for dental implant surgery.

In preparation for dental implant surgery, an X-ray or CT scan is usually required so that the dentist can check the thickness of the bone and the position of the other structures in the mouth.

These treatments are performed under local anaesthesia. This type of anaesthesia completely blocks pain in the mouth and the patient will remain awake throughout the procedure.

Our experts at Nakeji Dental will explain what will happen before, during and just after surgery.

What happens during surgery?

Once the anaesthesia has taken effect, the dentist will make a cut in the gum and make a small incision in the bone. The dental implant will be placed in this small cavity.

Dental implants, both immediate and delayed, can be done in one or two stages.

In single-stage dental implant treatment, the dental implant rod and the abutment that passes through the gums to connect the implant to the false tooth are placed at the same time.

In two-stage dental implant treatment, the dental implant rod is buried under the gum while the bone heals (you won't see it in your mouth). After a few months, you will have another minor surgery to place the abutment. Nakeji Dental, considered one of the best Dental Specialists in Tijuana, offers several options for smile design with dental implants.

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