Teeth whitening in Tijuana is a cosmetic dental treatment that seeks to improve the color of a tooth that has been pigmented by the passage of time and the consumption of some substances such as tobacco, wine, coffee or some processed food dyes. It is a treatment with excellent aesthetic results.

Over time, teeth may become discoloured or stained due to various causes:

  • Inadequate hygiene.
  • Consumption of certain substances such as wine, coffee, tea or tobacco.
  • Some medicines.
  • Diseases that damage the enamel (tissue that covers and protects the tooth).
  • Blows or fractures, etc.

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Types of tooth whitening.

There are different types of tooth whitening:

  • With 35 % hydrogen peroxide: this treatment should be carried out in the dentist's office. To carry out this procedure it is necessary to perform a dental cleaning and confirm that the patient's mouth is healthy. The area is prepared so that the peroxide does not touch the periodontal tissues as this could damage them. Once the whitening gel has been applied, a light source is used to accelerate the procedure during exposure. This process is known as photoactivation. This type of whitening is very effective, but it can only be applied in the dentist's office. Peroxide has a component that burns the pigments that yellow or stain the teeth, exceeding the time of use can damage the dentine.
  • With 10% carbamide peroxide: this treatment can be used at home, but always under medical supervision. As with the previous treatment, the dentist will first perform a dental cleaning and confirm that the oral cavity is healthy. Afterwards, a splint will be made to fit the patient's teeth, to which the whitening gel will be applied and which will prevent contact with the dental mucosa. The doctor will determine the number of hours that the teeth must be exposed for the desired effect to be produced and for it to be safe. Generally, one or two hours for several weeks.

To be taken into account:

Tooth whitening is a treatment that offers very satisfactory results for the patient, however, it must be borne in mind that it is not always possible to achieve the best results:

  • Tooth whitening can lead to increased sensitivity to cold or heat of the teeth for the duration of the treatment. This will then disappear.
  • For the first 24 hours after treatment, foods or drinks that could discolour the teeth should be eliminated from the diet. This is known as a "white diet".
  • Peroxide is a substance that should always be used under medical supervision, if used longer than indicated or inappropriately, the risks can be: gingival sensitivity, cervical resorption or permanent tooth sensitivity.

It is important that any whitening treatment is supervised and recommended by health professionals.
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