WHAT IS A dental crown?

Dental crowns are made of different materials in the form of a tooth-shaped cover, which is used to replace tooth wear, and is made due to damage to the enamel and structure of the tooth. Dental crowns allow the patient to protect the inside of the tooth, and also, within dental aesthetics, they improve the appearance of the smile.

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When to wear crowns? 

  • Dental crowns can be placed on the teeth or, if necessary, on implants. Whether by choice or necessity, they can be made of different materials such as ceramic, resin or zirconium.

    The dentist has the power to recommend and mention when to use crowns.

    • Restoration: When the tooth is disabled due to decay, natural wear or even a fracture that causes the loss of one or more teeth.
    • Aesthetic: When you want to change the shape or even the colour of your teeth and you want to create a more harmonious and healthy smile.
    • Endodontics: If for some reason a root canal has been performed, in some isolated cases there may be weakness in the tooth or teeth treated, placing a crown will help to strengthen the tooth.

How long do dental crowns last?

The first thing to bear in mind is that, in any dental procedure, the duration will depend on various situations, for example, the deterioration of the tooth or the type of crown material.

In general, dental crowns made of resin are more commonly used for temporary treatments, which will have less resistance to wear and tear and will fracture less, as well as having less colour stability over time. On the other hand, ceramic or zirconium materials are more durable over time and are even used in definitive treatments.

It is important to know that any treatment requires care on the part of the patient to prolong the time of use, a correct daily hygiene and a visit to your dentist at least every 6 months will make the treatments and results last longer and be more noticeable.

 With proper care, a dental crown can be functional for 5 to 15 years and this process has a high success rate.

Types of crowns that exist:

Porcelain: This type of dental crowns are ideal when you have any kind of metal allergy and they match the colour of the rest of your teeth very well.

Zirconia crown: This material is white in colour and gives a very natural result and as it has a metallic part, it allows light to pass through and benefits in its appearance.

The use of these pieces is recommended for the most visible teeth, as, due to their transparency, they are usually not as bulky and thick.

E-MAX crown: This is a type of ceramic that gives very satisfactory aesthetic results and provides more strength than other materials.

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