WHAT IS all on six?

An All on 6 Implants treatment is performed by placing 6 titanium dental implants which will support a fixed denture by means of screwed attachments, the treatment must be performed by an implantologist specialist and is usually the best option for oral rehabilitation as it provides great support and gives the patient a great chewing experience.
This treatment can be rehabilitated with the following options.
Hybrid Prosthesis: Acrylic prosthesis with prefabricated resin teeth, usually with an internal structure of light metal to give greater support to the prosthesis.
Metal-Porcelain Prosthesis: prosthesis of high aesthetics as it consists of a metal-ceramic structure, covered with several layers of ceramic that manages to give a chewing sensation.
Zirconia prosthesis: it is a metal-free dental prosthesis, which provides great aesthetics and functionality. It is a state-of-the-art material that helps us to achieve excellent results.

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Who is All on Six recommended for?

All on six is recommended for patients who have a full arch of missing teeth or plan to have remaining teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants. This treatment will offer a stable, long-term option to traditional dentures. At Nakeji Dental, our specialists will evaluate your bone architecture and recommend the most suitable option.

The All on Six technique is also ideal for all patients who want stability and security for their dental implants.

They are designed of ceramic and zirconium materials and are biocompatible with the soft tissues of the mouth and facilitate cleaning and maintenance without major complications.

These materials allow permanent cementation without having to remove them in the future. The treatment is performed under sedation by one of our specialists.

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