Smile makeover treatments in Tijuana are cosmetic dentistry treatments that have the purpose of obtaining a healthy and beautiful smile, it is a short term procedure that achieves permanent results. The change in appearance is achieved by placing aesthetic crowns or porcelain veneers as prescribed by the specialist, considering the results that the patient is looking for. With this treatment the patient will be able to correct discolorations in the teeth, bad position of them, among other aesthetic and functional problems. Thanks to the latest technology and materials used, we can achieve impressive results in a very short time, giving our patients the opportunity to get a beautiful smile in just a few days.

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The points to take into account when evaluating the possibility of having a successful smile design in Tijuana are:

  1. Our teeth must have a good structure. This means that there should be no fractures in any of the teeth involved. If there are, we have to offer a prior assessment of the fracture to determine a possible solution.
  2. We should not have missing teeth. If we do, we must find a suitable treatment for you to rehabilitate the empty site and recover the missing tooth. 
  3. Have good bone support. We must remember that the support of the teeth is thanks to the amount of bone that surrounds our root. When our amount of bone has diminished we may begin to notice a small amount of mobility in it. If this is the case, we should opt for a bone graft to help us prolong the useful life of our tooth.
  4. Let the soft tissue be the best. When we talk about a smile design in Tijuana, it does not only include the dental part, but also the gums. In some occasions we can notice that there are people who show a greater amount of gum gums at the time of smiling. For this there are gum trimming to improve our aesthetics and health in the soft tissues.
  5. That there is a uniform color. Smile design in Tijuana is done by a small installation of micrometric porcelain veneers on the front of the tooth, which over time tend to change their color, shape and texture. With such very thin veneers, some reflection of the color of the natural tooth may be noticed. That is why we have to make sure that we have the same color for all our cementation, since at the moment of finishing our smile design in Tijuana, some teeth may have different shades. In case of having different shades, we must first opt for a dental whitening
  6. That there is an adequate bite. Before moving on to the aesthetic area of the patient, we must evaluate the type of bite they have, as a main step in placing any type of ceramic is to use orthodontics in order to improve the problem. 

Patients who express a desire to completely change the appearance of their smile need more than a simple touch-up. As the name suggests, a complete smile makeover involves performing multiple procedures to help patients achieve an enhanced appearance. At Nakeji Dental, we are ready to welcome you to design you an enviable smile. Make your appointment today!

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