Dental Crowns

The dental crowns and bridges, are prostheses that are placed in a fixed way, these are placed cemented on the teeth or on the existing ones. implants existing teeth.

The crowns are used, to improve the esthetic aspect, to cover a tooth that is destroyed and are also placed on an implant, adopting the shape and structure of the tooth.

The process of placing a crown crownThe process of placing a crown consists of different steps, which will be performed at Nakeji Dental by the dentist. The first step is to make a mold of the tooth that will be used to prepare the provisional crown. crown provisional. After this step, the piece will be carved, leaving the stump ready to place the crown on it.

The provisional crown is placed for esthetic and functional reasons and to protect the core build-up while the definitive crown is waiting for the definitive crown. This provisional crown will be replaced once we have the definitive crown, which will be definitively cemented and will adjust the occlusion of the teeth.

We often ask ourselves, how long do dental crowns or bridges last? It is not possible to specify exactly, but it is estimated that the average life would be around 15 - 20 years, with good care, being able to exceed 30 years or 5 years in the worst cases, without the correct care.

One of the most important measures to guarantee a long life of crowns and bridges is to have a very good dental hygiene. It is very important to keep the gums in good condition, as well as the bone that supports the teeth. This can be achieved by brushing three times a day, using dental floss and having regular check-ups with our dentist and hygienist.

It is advisable to adopt preventive measures for the care of our crowns or bridges.

How to take care of your dental crown

Avoid exposing the crowns to strong pressures: such as biting ice cubes, biting nails, biting very hard food, or using our teeth to open bags or bottles.

Prevent caries and periodontal disease, since, although a crown or bridge cannot suffer caries, the tooth that supports it or them can suffer them and jeopardize its stability.

Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to check the condition of your teeth, gums and crowns or bridges.

If you have an active lifestyle and frequently play sports, it is highly recommended to protect your teeth with a mouth guard that slows down the impacts.

Stop smoking, since tobacco causes vasoconstriction in our gums and this is directly harmful to the teeth.

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As for an aspect that worries us a lot, it is the issue of odors of our sheaths or bridges. Actually the metal does not smell, what smells are the remains of food and bacterial plaque that accumulate over time and that have not been cleaned properly, so we must have a very correct hygiene, brushing three times a day, flossing and attending check-ups with our dentist and oral hygiene sessions with our hygienist.

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