We will start this blog wishing you happy holidays, may peace, love and beautiful smiles flood your home and the people you love. From all of us at Nakeji Dental, we want to wish you Happy Holidays!  

Tips to take care of your teeth this Christmas

To limit the impact on your health, prevention and oral care will be very important, following these tips:

  • Do not neglect dental hygiene: brushing after each meal, including the tongue and between the teeth with dental floss.

  Consult your dentist about the use of mouthwashes, some should not be used in certain cases or on a daily basis.

  • Consumption of nougat: hard nougat has less sugar than soft or chocolate nougat (dark chocolate (70%) is better). There are also nougats on the market without added sugars. 

  Be careful when eating hard nougat because it can fracture teeth, fillings or damage orthodontic treatments.

  • Consumption of sweets and soft candies: increases their adherence to the teeth and produce more caries problems and gum inflammation. In addition to the quality and quantity, the frequency of consumption affects a lot.
  • Control of alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  • Sugar-containing, carbonated and acidic beverages: we recommend the use of straws.
    • Halitosis: as a consequence of the consumption of more elaborated, fatty and spicy foods, we will compensate with good hygiene and healthy foods (vegetables, fruits ....).
    • Teeth are not tools, so do not use them to open bottles, packages, nuts (walnuts, pistachios) .... Beware also with seafood, some are very hard and can fracture natural teeth, dentures or orthodontic treatments.

      We recommend the use of nutcrackers and tweezers suitable for this purpose.

Christmas Injuries

- Overexcited children and pets increase the likelihood of accidental mouth and jaw blows.

- In crowded social gatherings (New Year's Eve), accidental knocks of the glass while drinking can occur and can lead to dental trauma.

Nakeji Dental and New Year's resolutions.

And, after the holidays, the good resolutions for the new year. A visit to the dentist, to evaluate the state of oral health, could be one of them. Why not take advantage of the letter to the Three Wise Men to ask for a dental check-up and even a professional hygiene with the hygienist if necessary? Surely it will be a good gift that our mouths will appreciate.


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